Prince performed self-fellatio by removing a pair of his ribs

“There is no smoke without fire”

This is a saying that is often used to mean that there is some element of truth in just about every rumor – because with 7 billion and more people on the planet, why would a person be the victim of a rumor if they had no ties to the said incident – regardless of whether you are a celebrity or not!

Such is the case with Prince Rogers Nelson, the American singer-songwriter, record producer, philanthropist, multi-instrumentalist, dancer and actor who is popularly known by just his first name Prince.

The late music icon was very well known for churning out great music and hits in his day, as well as his stylish dress sense. However, very little known by his followers and music lovers alike is the popular story that the legendary singer underwent a rib removal surgery such that he could perform self-fellatio.

So.. is it just a myth?

Apparently, Prince took the “Go f*ck yourself!” phrase a little too seriously.

A rib removal procedure is mostly used on women especially models who want a tighter waist. Twentieth-century rumors had it that some women (especially in the fashion scene) had removed their lower ribs in a bid to facilitate tighter lacing of their waists. This procedure was in such demand in the fashion scene that in 1931, corset-maker Rosa Binner had alleged that French actress Polaire had had her lowest rib removed in the 1890s.

However, if you love yourself as much as Prince obviously does, perhaps once or twice the thought may cross your mind and with the resources at hand and surgeons within reach, chances are that you would do exactly what stories say Prince did. The award-winning singer, however, is not the only one said to have undergone the procedure for the same reasons as he did (to facilitate self-fellatio) as it had been rumored at some point that yet another celebrity Marilyn Manson had had some ribs removed in a bid to facilitate autofellatio.

Other notable recounts of this rare surgical procedure involve the self-proclaimed “living doll” Pixee Fox, an internet model who had in October 2015 documented the procedure that saw her surgical remove six of her lower ribs on her Tumblr account. Pixee Fox had later stated in an interview with Closer that it was pretty difficult to find a surgeon willing to perform the surgery – sounds like something only high flying celebrities like Prince would be privy to.



But there is the same myth about Marilyn Manson

While both Prince and Marilyn Manson have both come out to deny ever engaging in the procedure publicly, it is still their word against accusations that could not have just been fabricated out of thin air. On the upside, whether the story that Prince took out two of his ribs so he could perform self-fellatio is true or not, Prince would be mostly remembered for his good music and unique sound more than he would be remembered for these “not so musical” stories.



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